Kamchatka Fall fishing schedule

Kamchatka Fall fishing schedule

Kamchatka Fall fishing schedule

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Questions about Kamchatka hunting & fishing programs

Kamchatka Outfitters. Hunting and Fishing tours around Kamchatka, Russia.

Hunting and Fishing Kamchatka

How to get to Kamchatka ?

If you are already in Russia, we have direct flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy form the major Russian cities such as Moscow, St.Petersburg, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Magadan, Novosibirsk and so on.

You are also welcome to come through Seoul - Khabarovsk (Vladivostok) - Petropavlovsk. There are seasonal direct flights to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy from Anchorage (Alaska, USA).

CITES permits?

To import and export hunting trophies you need a CITES permit for some certain spices (for example Brown bear). We provide you with the necessary papers for your trophy shipment such as CITES, Veterinary certificates etc. More information about CITES here

Gun permit?

As soon as the hunting contract is signed, and we got a deposit, we start all procedures to get your import/exportgun permit, which allows you to move your gun and ammunition to Russia and back.

Trophy preparation?

We do first trophy preparation, such as boiling out the sculls and salting the hides. By the time of shipment the trophy is maximum prepared for it (salted, dried and light weighted).

Trophy import permit?

In most of the countries you'll need an import permit to get your trophy cleared and released. Please, check with the outfitter about this paper or ask you customs broker.

How do I get my trophy back home?

In most cases, if the deposit is done 3 months prior the hunt, we have enough time to prepare paperwork so you are able to take your trophy with you right after the hunt. Otherwise we do the shipment by air freight from Russia Kamchatka to almost any destination after the hunt. It takes from four weeks to three months to get your trophy shipped to you.

Age limits?

There are no age limits. Some fo the tours require to be fit. To get more information, please, read tour descriptions thoroughly or contact us.

To book the tour?

To book a tour, you have to send us the e-mail, informing us what kind of tour you are interested in. We`ll work on your request and reply you in 24 hours.

Can I change the dates ?

Yes. If you want to come a bit earlier or stay a bit longer, please inform us in advance and we`ll be glad to help you.

Gun and amo?

For brown bear and moose we would recommend: 300 Win Mag , 375 H&H, 9,3*64 (Brenneke)
For snow sheep and wolf: 270 Win, 300 Win Mag, 308 Win.
Usually 40 rounds of amo cover the entire trip.

Does it happen that the tour schedule changes?

We keep to a tour schedule, but some changes are possible. The tour schedule might be changed because of weather conditions or any other reasons which is beyond our control.

Food during the tour?

Professional cook works with every group of our clients. All our travelers are provided with hot meal three times a day. Snack food is provided when necessary.

Keep to a diet ?

If you keep to a diet or require any special nutrishion, please inform us in advance.


In the city our guests live in the hotels (dbl and sngl) rooms. Depending on tour our travelers stay at the hotels, resorts and in travel cabins or tents during the safari. All the places are clean, safe and friendly. Hot water available in all hunting camps. Most of the camps have Russian sauna.


We take care of our clients from the very first moment they are on Kamchatka, Russia. Our representative will meet you at the airport.
On every tour an experienced full time guide will be working with you most of the time. Each hunter has his personal guide during the hunt.

City safety?

You can walk around the city with no problems. Local people are friendly. But any way you have to keep the basic caution.

Route safety?

All our guides are armed, equipped with portable two-way radio. Camps have satellite phones. We will take all measures to provide you with safe trip.

Insects & snakes?

There no snakes or poisonous insects on Kamchatka. There lots of mosquitos and some ticks areas on Kamchatka, so you should bring the repellent.

Keep in touch with the home while traveling?

GSM phones work in Russia. You also can get a cotract free local SIM card and make local and long distance calls. There is an Internet access in almost every hotel.

Plastic money?

Yes, you can use credit cards on Kamchatka to pay for some service and to get cash.

Get more information ?

Feel free to contact us here