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“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.”

Theodore Roosevelt.

Hunting in Kamchatka, Russia

Kamchatka Outfitters. Hunting and Fishing tours around Kamchatka, Russia.
"Kamchatka Outfitters" is a trade mark of "Focus Travel Company"- privately owned and operated business. We operate hunting tours directly, participate and control all our hunting tours in real time. 

We provide our customers with access to the best Kamchatka hunting and fishing areas available for the species they go for. We run both the Hunting and the Fishing Departments ready to serve our clients interests, operating rich Kamchatka hunting areas and work only with professional guides. With many years of Kamchatka hunting, we'll guide you into the best wilderness country available for the species you're after. Whether you're seeking trophy brown bear, snow sheep or a massive Moose bull we will put you right into action!

Our staff handles all travel accommodations, paper work and licensing requirements for our hunters. We also take care of firearm permits. Our services include visa invitations, gun permits, CITES, international veterinary certificates. We will meet you upon arrival at the airport, help with all the custom formalities and make sure your Kamchatka trophy hunt goes smoothly and brings great results. 

We know that you're serious about the hunt so we work to help you succeed - getting you in the field safely, keeping you comfortable in our hunting camps, and providing you with an opportunity for bagging an excellent Kamchatka trophy!

"Kamchatka Outfitters"

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Snow sheep, Brown Bear, Moose hunts

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Fly fishing Kamchatka rivers

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