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Kamchatka Outfitters. Hunting and Fishing tours around Kamchatka, Russia.

I do hunt, and I do fish, and I don't apologize to anybody for hunting and fishing

Norman Schwarzkopf

Kamchatka Outfitters
To our customers: Our company was organized in 1995. Since that time, we have been working as an outfitting company in Kamchatka, Russia. As general rules of our company we use principles of safety, quality and high efficiency of our hunting and fishing tours.

We own all necessary equipment for organizing any type of hunting and fishing activity and nowadays we have big variety of hunting and fishing tours around Kamchatka to offer. Our company provides service at the best areas of Kamchatka and uses qualified experienced guides, interpreters, drivers and cooks.

We hope we`ll meet your expectation with the quality of service and variety of hunting and fishing safari we offer. Our professionalism, warm attitude and real northern hospitality will make your visit to Kamchatka unforgettable.
To our potential partners: Our company works in the field of organizing hunting and fishing tours in Kamchatka, Russia. We hunt various game such as Brown bear, Moose, Snow sheep and Wolves. As for fishing tours we specialize in Rainbow trout and King Salmon. Looking for the collaboration, in promotion of our Kamchatka programs we are open for any travel business ideas. Feel free to contact us any time.

"Kamchatka Outfitters".
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Tel. +1 (347) 493-5018 (USA, EDT)
Tel.: +7 (963) 831-42-24 (RUSSIA, GMT -5)

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